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Gestetner SP5210sf Mono Multifunction Printer

Gestetner SP5210sf Mono Multifunction Printer

Where space is at a premium, our compact A4 black and white multi-functionals, the Aficio™SP 5200S, SP5210SF and SP5210SR are ideal. They deliver 4-in-1 printing, copying, scanning and faxing to meet all your document needs. Packed with features usually expected only from larger MFPs, they are smaller but work just as hard. Your busy office or workgroup gets fast, affordable and versatile devices that can expand from desktop models to mighty four-tray, floor-standing powerhouses. You benefit from:

High speed to maximise productivity
Compact and easy to operate
Built-in data security
Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Energy efficient

Telephone 0845 257 1121 for price

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